About Eco Moving Sports

Eco Moving Sports is a on-wheels leisure time shop located on Avenida del Manzanares, on parque Madrid Río surroundings.

We offer, for hiring or selling, our funny ecologic vehicles (VED) to enjoy on wheels with you friends or family.


Eco Moving Sport origins

On 2010, Luis, a publicist neighboring Madrid Rio, walking along the Manzanares river bank, had a fantastic idea: turn the river surroundings on a recreation area respecting the environment. What first was just a logbook full of notes and ideas, turn true a few months later at the perfect site, Eco Moving Sports main office at the Avenida del Manzanares, an unsurpassable location, with two direct accesses to the park.

Eco Moving Sports. Avenida del Manzanares 2


Madrid Río Park

Since its launching on April 15, 2011, the Madrid Río park has become the main ecologic spot of Madrid. Covering more than 100 Ha., with more than 30.000 trees of 50 different species, half a million brushes and more than 20 Ha. of meadow, this green trail goes from El Pardo to Getafe, joining forests, green spaces, historic gardens and city parks, and has made the Manzanares river the true core of the city.

Parque Madrid Rio

Madrid Río is a fully accesible place. Along this linear park, there are 33 sport grounds to practice skating, BMX,  ..., and other areas for children playing and healthy circuits. It´s got 30 kilometers of bike trails connected with the Anillo Verde Ciclista by north and south:

  • By northern, Madrid Río connects with the Casa de Campo through the new runway over the M30 located between 3rd dam and the Puente de los Franceses.
  • Close to this point, on the river left bank, the trail connects with the named Senda Real - GR 124 trail - that expands to Manzanares el Real.
  • Another choice appears at the Send Real 3rd kilometer, where the trail connects with the Anillo Verde Ciclista which, further, connects la the bike trail to Tres Cantos y Soto del Real.
  • By southern, Madrid Río connects with the Parque Tierno Galván and with the Parque lineal Manzanares Sur, the other great natural space that goes along Getafe following the rivers thanks to two new runways: one close to the BMX circuit and another one close to the Nudo Sur in M30 highway. 


Eco Moving Sports in Madrid Río 

It´s easy to understand that we´ve run all the park and that, given its location and accesibility, we´ve created many chances to move around with our Segways. 

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